Floor frames, or table frames, are super helpful, whenever possible use them. It is far easier to control your yarn when you stitch with both hands. It’s much easier to stitch your work with floor frames instead of trying to balance it on your lap or between a table. Two-handed stitching looks better in the end.

Again we are going for a crisp, clean look. The yarn should be pulled straight up and straight down through the canvas. Cradle the yarn in one hand above the canvas as you come down, not letting it rest on the canvas. This will protect it and prevent wear. Never pull the fiber through at an angle. Not only does this wear the fiber quickly but also tends to distort the hole that it is traveling through. Two handed stitching is also quicker. Have one hand underneath the canvas and one above. The Japanese insist that the dominant hand be above and the other hand below. I taught myself just the opposite and it seems to work.