Petite Entice

Fine Rayon and Metallic Sparking Braid

13 to 18ct Needlepoint and 14 to 32ct Cross Stitch

75% Rayon, 25% Polyester

20 Yards

Hand Washable, Test First,

Made in USA


Use off the card as is, no need to strand or use a laying tool. Easy to handle. Bright rayon colors braided with matching metallics. 

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PE201- Jet Black

PE202- Snow White

PE203- Champagne

PE206- Orchid

PE211- Twinkle Blue

PE212- Navy

PE213- Sapphire

PE214- Gold

PE215- Grecian Gold

PE216- Bermuda Grass

PE218- Sunshine

PE219- Green Apple

PE220- Marmalade

PE221- Strawberry

PE222- Ruby Slippers

PE223- Forever Blue

PE224- Silver

PE231- Dark Raspberry

PE234- Aspen Green

PE236- Grass Green

PE237- Amber Gold

PE239- Tomato

PE245- Whispering Blue

PE249- Blue Grass

PE252- Radiant Yellow

PE258- Jasmine Green

PE259- Honey Gold

PE260- Pink Carnation

 PE266- Flame Orange

PE270- Rubber Ducky

PE288- Lemonade

PE310- Gold Nugget