Fuzzy Stuff

18 Count: 1 ply 

14 Count: 2 ply
Cross Stitch
7 Count: 2 ply

9-10 Count and up : 1 ply

60% Polyamide, 40% Viscose
15 Yard Cards
Made in Italy

Fuzzy Stuff is great for snow and snowmen. Good animal colors and some very wild and funky colors that are great for Halloween designs, wild hair or outlandish garments.



FZ01- Gray
FZ02- Black 
FZ04- Bright Blue
FZ05- Navy Blue
FZ06- Dusty Blonde
FZ07- Dark Brown
FZ08– Bright Orange
FZ09- Lime Green
FZ10- Tree Green
FZ11- Fuchsia
FZ12- Cranberry
FZ13- Red
FZ14- Burgundy
FZ15- White
FZ16- Wedgewood
FZ17- Christmas Green
FZ18- Christmas Red
FZ20- Camel
FZ21- Brown
FZ22- Yellow
FZ23- Gold

FZ24- Purple
FZ25- Pink
FZ26- Antique White
FZ27- Ecru
FZ29- Light Golden Brown
FZ30- Golden Brown
FZ31- Dark Golden Brown
FZ32- Leaf Green
FZ34- Pale Yellow
FZ35- Pale Blue
FZ36- Pale Gray
FZ37- Royal Blue
FZ38- Blonde
FZ39- Cinnamon 
FZ40- Dark Emerald
FZ41- Dark Pearl Gray
FZ42- Dove Gray
FZ43- Chocolate Lab
FZ44- Toasted Almond


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