Rainbow Glisten

Needlepoint: 16 to 18 Count
Cross Stitch: 10 to 14 Count
65% Merino Wool, 35% Metalized Polyester
12 Yards
26 Colors
Hand Washable, Test First
Made in USA

Fine Merino Wool mixed with Metallic.

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G01- Jet Black
G02- Snow White
G03- Vanilla Ice
G04- Silvery Moon
G05- Mystic Iris
G06- Crystal Rose
G07- Paris Pink
G08- Radiant Orchid
G09- Sparkling Grape
G10- Glisten Greenery
G11- Blazing Yellow
G12- Radiant Yellow
G13- Orange Popsicle

G14- Blue Jewel
G15- High Risk Red
G16- Tawney Port
G17- Bermuda Grass
G18- Frosty Spruce
G19- Forest Night
G20- Blue Twinkle
G21- Starry Night
G22- Moonshine
G23- Golden Glow
G24- Chocolate Pudding
G25- Glacier
G26- Grecian Isle