Mandarin Floss

18 Count: 4 ply 
14 Count: 6 ply
Cross Stitch
14 Count: 2 ply
32 Count and up : 1 ply
100% Bamboo
20 Yards (18.3 Meters)
Hand Washable, Test First

A beautiful and easy to use 100% bamboo 6 strand floss. Its semi-matte finish gives contrast to high gloss pearls and cotton floss. A bit softer than stranded cotton floss and has many of the qualities of silk. Yet it’s strong, easy to use, and doesn’t pill.

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M800- Cool White
M801- Black
M802- White
M803- Ecru
M804- Medium Raspberry
M805- Light Antique Mauve
M807- Lite Violet
M808- Violet
M809- Ruby Red
M810- Cranberry
M811- Dark Burgundy
M812- Champagne
M813- Yellow
M815- Rust
M817- Cedar
M818- Olive
M819- Midnight Green
M820- Camel
M821- Dark Beige
M822- Dark Bark
M823- Powder Blue
M824- Dark Wedgwood
M825- Medium Navy
M826- Pearl Gray
M827- Lite Antique Blue
M828- Aqua
M829- Lite Sage
M830- Coffee Bean
M831- Lite Aqua
M832- Salmon
M833- Bark
M834- Lite Pistachio
M835- Medium Pistachio
M836- Pistachio
M837- Lite Terra Cotta
M838- Terra Cotta
M839- Lite Cedar #2
M840- Dark Cedar
M841- Lite Straw
M842- Straw
M843- Dark Straw
M844- Antique Mauve
M846- Deep Antique Mauve
M847- Antique Blue
M848- Dark Antique Blue
M850- Dark Raspberry
M851- Antique Violet
M852- Dark Violet
M853- Pale Peach Flesh
M854- Lite Peach Flesh
M855- Peach Flesh
M856- Dark Orange
M857- Confederate Gray
M858- Dark Confederate Gray
M859- Golden Yellow
M860- Dark Golden Yellow
M861- Lite Christmas Green
M863- Lite Christmas Green
M865- Electric Blue
M866- Very Dark Violet

M869- Dark Periwinkle
M870- Very Dark Antique Blue
M871- Bright
M872- Dark Ecru
M873- Pale Aqua
M874- Blue Aqua
M875- Lite Seafoam
M878- Lite Fawn
M879- Fawn
M880- Dark Fawn
M881- Dark Christmas Green
M882- Very Dark Raspberry
M883- Sage
M884- Medium Sage
M885- Dark Sage
M886- Dark Camel
M887- Lite Christmas Red
M888- Lite Electric Blue
M889- Dark Electric Blue
M890- Dark Navy
M891- Dark Pearl Gray
M892- Lite Teal
M893- Teal
M894- Dark Teal
M895- Dark Salmon
M896- Sapphire
M897- Medium Taupe
M898- Dark Taupe
M899- Dark Antique Violet
M900- Wedgewood
M901- Lite Sky
M902- Sky Blue
M904- Lite Yellow
M908- Delft Blue
M911- Raspberry
M912- Lite Camel
M913- Spring Green
M914- Loden Green
M915- Butterscotch
M917- Amethyst
M918- Powder Bronze
M919- Honey Bronze

Variegated Colors

M924- Sunset
M926- Night Fall
M927- Mardi Gras
M929- Golden Hills
M930- Winter Sky
M931- Cobblestones


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