Needlepoint 14 to 18 Count
100% Rayon
15 Yard Cards
61 Colors
Hand Washable, Test First
Made in USA

100% Rayon that is twisted and equal in size to Perle Cotton 5. High sheen stitches as is off the card, makes beautiful twisted cords and tassels. Slightly heavier then Panache

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PA01- Natural
PA02- Black
PA03- Silver
PA04- Dusty Peach
PA05- Pale Aqua
PA06- Ash Rose
PA08- Ash Lavender
PA12- Ink Green
PA13- Chestnut
PA23- Indigo
PA25- Pewter
PA26- Ruby
PA27- Navy
PA42- Hemp
PA44- Desert Tan
PA47- Charcoal
PA48- Cordovan

PA54- Dreamy Blue
PA61- Taupe
PA82- Celestial Blue
PA109- Khaki
PA143- Burgundy
PA232- Blue Velvet
PA239- Garnet
PA240- Dark Amethyst
PA244- Dark Sapphire
PA245- Mauve Taupe
PA246- Olive
PA247- Couture Red
PA249- Red Copper
PA250- Gray Green
PA252- Dusty Rose
PA253- Sage
PA255- Lite Taupe Gray

PA258- Antique Brass
PA259- Honey Maple
PA261- Oregano
PA262- Mango
PA264- Capri
PA267- Deep Violet
PA300- Willow
PA341- Violet
PA366- Golden Tan
PA422- Buff
PA480- Mahogany
PA488- Dark Khaki
PA504- Claret
PA507- Basil
PA545- Celery
PA588- Gunmetal Gray



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