Petite Treasure Ribbon

Needlepoint: 16 to 18 Count
Cross Stitch: 11 to 14 Count
65% Rayon, 35% Metalized Polyester
8 Yard Cards
28 Colors
Hand Washable
Made in USA

This metallic ribbon enhances many different types of decorative stitches. A soft metallic ribbon that also works for cross stitch fabrics. Laying tool is recommended. 


PR01- Bright Gold
PR02- Arctic Gold
PR03- Gold
PR04- Silver
PR06- Green 
PR08- Royal Blue
PR09- Sky Blue
PR11- Purple
PR19- Dark Red
PR25- Old Gold
PR29- Burgundy
PR30- Black Gold
PR390 New Copper
PR42- Autumn Orange
PR43- Turquoise
PR47- Awesome Gold
PR48- Orange
PR49- Pumpkin
PR87- Limeade
PR88- Chartreuse
PR89- Tropical Sunset
PR90- Spanish Gold
PR91- Sparkling Snow
PR201- Yellow Shimmer



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