Rainbow Angora

13 to 16 Count
Long Stitch 
13 to 18 Count

Cross Stitch
7 Count Aida
100% Angora
7 Yard Cards 
Hand Washable in Cold Water  
Made in France

A luxurious furry yarn that can be brushed carefully to bring out a more pronounced furry effect. Come straight up through the canvas and straight down, being careful not to drag it along on top of the canvas or pull it at an angle (1 strand 13-16 count, long stitches to 18 count)

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RA01- White
RA02- Off White
RA03- Ecru
RA04- Taupe
RA06- Tan
RA09- Lite Gray
RA10- Medium Gray
RA16- Dove Gray
RA18- Black
RA19- Dark Gray
RA22- Yellow
RA23- Desert Taupe
RA24- Violet
RA25- Wild Lime
RA28- Charcoal Gray
RA29- Blue Booties
RA30- Soft Suede
RA31- Chocolate Truffle
RA33- Bubblegum


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