Rainbow Eyelash

Needlepoint 10-18 Count Canvas
Cross Stitch 1-11 Count Canvas

100% Polyamide 

8 yards
16 colors 

Use as off the card for longer stitches either diagonal or straight. Lightly brush up to create the fur look you desire. Can also be trimmed after lightly brushing. 



New Colors in bold 

RE01- Black
RE02- White
RE03- Ecru
RE04- Palamino
RE05- Chestnut
RE06- Sable
RE07- Javelina
RE08- Fawn
RE09- Cowhide 
RE10- Blue Cloud
RE11- Cradle Pink
RE12- Shocking Pink
RE13- Scarlet Rose
RE14- Amethyst
RE15- Bright Lime
RE16- Gorgeous Gray

RE17- Ultimate Gray

RE18- Gray Stone