Rainbow Tweed

18 Count: 2 ply 

13-16 Count: 4 ply
Cross Stitch
7-10 Count: 4 ply

11-14 Count : 2 ply
Long Stitch
18 Count: 4 ply

24 Count : 2 ply

44% Cotton, 39% Wool, 17% Acrylic 
10 Yard Cards
59 Colors
Hand Washable, Test First
Made in USA

A 4-ply strandable blend of cotton wool and acrylic gives this thread a soft heathery look. Excellent thread to use for clothing on a painted canvas design.

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RT01- Ecru 
RT02- Medium Shell Gray
RT07- Fuchsia
RT08- Raspberry
RT09- Baby Green
RT11- Tan
RT14- Periwinkle
RT15- Denim
RT18- Pale Aqua
RT19 Dark Aqua
RT21- Violet
RT22- Pale Mauve
RT23- Mauve

RT24- Dark Mauve 
RT25- Seafoam
RT27- Christmas Green
RT28- Dark Green
RT29- Midnight 
RT30- Baby Pink
RT31- Lite Rose
RT32- Rose 
RT34- Mahogany
RT35- Dark Brown
RT36- Dark Tan 
RT37- Lite Olive
RT38- Olive
RT39- Pumpkin 
RT41- Gray 

RT50- Caravan
RT53- Painted Sands
RT55- Paprika
RT56- Sorbet
RT58- Scottsdale
RT59- Winter Sky
RT60- Midnight Lights
RT62- Raspberry Swirl 
RT65- Deep Green 
RT66- Leaf Green 
RT67- Lagoon 
RT69- Slate Blue



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