Sparkle Rays

Needlepoint 13-14 Count
Long Stitch 13-18 Count
Cross Stitch 7-8 Count
97% Polyester, 3% Nylon
10 Yard Cards
Hand Washable, Test First
Made in Japan

Petite Sparkle Rays
Needlepoint 18 Count
Cross Stitch 10-14 Count
96% Polyester, 4% Nylon
10 Yard Cards
Hand Washable, Test First
Made in Japan

Neon Metallic ribbons that glow in the light. Sparkle Rays is 2mm wide and Petite Sparkle Rays is 1.5mm wide. Best when laying tool is used. Petite includes 3 Glow In Dark colors.



Petite Sparkle Rays in Bold

Day-Glo Colors:

SR01- Honey Dew

SR02- Lime

SR03- Lemon

SR04- Melon

SR05- Orange

SR06- Tangerine

SR07- Mango

SR08- Citron

SR09- Apple Green

SR10- Watermelon

SR11- Raspberry

SR12- Cranberry


Shimmer Colors

SR20- Black

SR21- White

SR22- Lite Pewter

SR23- Pewter

SR24- Lite Sea Green

SR25- Sea Green

SR26- Pink

SR27- Bright Yellow

SR28- Christmas Green

SR29- Christmas Red

SR30- Burgundy

SR31- Lite Antique Mauve

SR32- Antique Mauve

SR33- Peach

SR34- Dark Peach

SR35- Aqua

SR36- Lite Turquoise

SR37- Turquoise

SR38- Lite Cornflower

SR39- Cornflower

SR40- Dark Cornflower

SR41- Lite Lavender

SR42- Lavender

SR43- Dark Lavender

SR44- Tan

SR45- Mocha

SR46- Chocolate

SR47- Lite Xmas Green

SR48- Dark Xmas Green

SR50- Pale Yellow

SR51- Lite Yellow

SR52- Marigold

SR53- Dark Marigold

SR54- Pale Cornflower

SR55- Pale Aqua

SR56- Lite Aqua

SR57- Pale Pink

SR58- Lite Pink

SR59- Hot Pink

SR60- Lite Green Aqua

SR61- Green Aqua

SR62- Powder Pink

SR63- Lite Mauve

SR64- Mauve

SR65- Pale Periwinkle

SR66- Lite Periwinkle

SR67- Periwinkle

SR68- Lite Sage Green

SR69- Sage Green

SR70- Ecru

SR71- Pale Colonial Blue

SR72- Lite Colonial Blue

SR73- Med. Colonial Blue

SR74- Colonial Blue

SR75- Navy Blue

SR77- Pumpkin

SR78- Dark Pumpkin


Petite Sparkle Rays Only

PS76- Orange Sherbet

PS79- Medium Mauve

PS80- Gold

PS81- Pistachio

PS82- Orchid Bloom

PS83- African Violet


Glow-In-The-Dark (8 yards)

PS300- White

PS302- Yellow

PS303- Chartreuse


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