Splendor Designer Collections

Splendor Design Collections 
Sold by the card
12 Yards total



SC1- Bronze Porcelains
S1083- Porcelain Bronze
S1098- Powder Bronze
S1084- Honey Bronze
S1131- Tawny Bronze
S1085- Golden Bronze
S974- Spice

SC2- Blush Porcelain
S1147- Very Lite Flesh
S894- Medium Flesh
S1148- Very Lite Peach Flesh
S1149- Lite Peach Flesh
S895- Dark Flesh
S1150- Deep Flesh

SC3- Christmas Colors
S800- Cool White
S911- Christmas Red
S820- Ruby Red
S933- Golden Yellow
S1016- Medium Christmas Green
S1142- Dark Christmas Green

SC4- Santa’s Rosy Cheeks
S805- Pale Pink
S884- Baby Pink
S816- Pink
S1041- English Rose
S886- Deep Rose Pink
S1005- Cranberry

SC5- Halloween Fun
S889- Dark Gray
S801- Black
S1138- Brite Orange
S1077- Very Lite Olive
S1139- Lite Neon Green
S919- Dark Antique Violet

SC6- Delft Blue
S800- Cool White
S860- Lite Sky Blue
S868- Medium Baby Blue
S1001- Dark Delft Blue
S1143- Very Dark Wedgwood
S858- Medium Navy

SC7- Bright Eyes
S921- Light     S922- Dark
S868- Light     S859- Dark
S1158- Light   S1101- Dark
S999- Light     S1048- Dark
S850- Light     S853- Dark
S800- White    S801-Black

SC8- Regal Purples
S810- Lite Lavender
S811- Lavender
S812- Dark Lavender
S951- Muted Purple
S808- Medium Purple
S809- Dark Purple



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