Stitches For Effect

Author: Suzanne Howren, Beth Robertson Publisher: SHEAR Creations, LLC The first in a series of books designed specifically for Needlepointers. Are you looking for the perfect stitch for a canvas motif such as a stone fireplace or basket? This book can help you find the right stitch and much more. Over 100 clearly diagrammed stitches with detailed information describing the “effects” each stitch can create. With both an “Effect Index” and a “Stitch Index”, it’s easy to find just what you need. Also includes a “Thread Description” section.


1 review for Stitches For Effect

  1. Anita MacCutcheon

    I bought this book a while back and there stitches for every need they are very easy to follow I liked this book so much that I bought a couple more from the same Author

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