Petite Very Velvet and Very Velvet are a flocked chenille thread which creates the velvet look and it will crush if too much pressure is put on it. This is a man-made thread and with the machine that we use to wrap the cards with this does occur on some cards.  

We have discussed with our machine operators to not put too much tension on that final thread across the back so that when they. So that when they take each card off the machine it is visually pleasing. If you happen to purchase a card like this, unwrap the thread crossing the back and run your fingernail over the back and that plumps up the Very Velvet thread. You can also get a few drops of water on your fingers and run it along the back of the card to help plump it up.  

These are simple tricks that usually remedy the situation.
Very Velvet thread is one our top selling threads and at times some extra care is necessary to resolve these issues. I hope you find this information helpful and thank you for bringing these issues to our attention and for stitching with Rainbow Gallery threads.