Treasure Braid (12 & 16)

Size 12
56 Colors
10 Yard Cards
Needlepoint: 13 to 18 ct.
Cross Stitch:  10 ct.

Size 16
53 Colors
10 Yard Cards
Needlepoint: 13 to 18 ct.
Cross Stitch: 7 to 14 ct.

60% Rayon, 40% Metalized Polyester
Hand Washable
Made in England, Japan & USA

Treasure Briad is a shiny metallic that comes in size  #12 and #16. All are braided and will not unravel as you stitch. It is very durable and can be used in longer lengths. It is a soft metallic and covers the canvas well. Available in several colors that include High Gloss and Shimmer Colors. Size 12 is braided with 12 filaments.

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Size 12
TR247- Awesome Gold
TR248- Orange
TR249- Pumpkin
TR250- Old Gold
TR260- White Pearl
TR261- Gold
TR262- Arctic Gold
TR263- True Gold
TR264- Silver
TR265- Black
TR266- Green
TR267- Red
TR268- Royal Blue
TR269- Sky Blue
TR270- Peach
TR271- Purple
TR272- Amethyst
TR273- Pink
TR274- Bronze
TR275- Forest Green
TR277- Turquoise
TR278- Light Multi
TR279- Dark Multi
TR280- Blue
TR281- Rose
TR282- Copper
TR283- Pale Avocado
TR284- Burgundy
TR285- Black Gold
TR286- Autumn Orange
TR288- Chartreuse
TR289- Purple Sunset
TR290- Baby Pink
TR291- Baby Blue
TR292- Silver Sparkle
TR293- Vatican Gold
TR294- Gold Sparkle
TR295- Dark Red
TR296- Oyster Shell
TR298- Dark Chocolate
TR299- Orchid

Size 16
TR60- White Pearl
TR61- Gold
TR63- True Gold
TR64- Silver
TR65- Black
TR66- Green
TR68- Royal Blue
TR69- Sky Blue
TR70- Peach
TR71- Purple
TR72- Lilac
TR73- Pink
TR74- Bronze
TR75- Forest Green
TR76- Midnight Blue
TR77- Turquoise
TR78- Light Multi
TR79- Dark Multi
TR680- Blue
TR681- Rose
TR682- Copper
TR685- Black Gold
TR686- Autumn Orange
TR688- Chartreuse
TR690- Baby Pink
TR691- Baby Blue
TR692- Silver Sparkle
TR693- Vatican Gold
TR694- Gold Sparkle
TR695- Dark Red

Size 12 colors in bold

High Gloss
HG60- White Pearl
HG61- Gold
HG62- Silver
HG63- Black
HG64- Green
HG65- Red
HG66- Pink
HG67- Copper
HG68- Christmas Red
HG69- Christmas Green

HG290- Bright Gold

Shimmer Colors
TR602- Peach Shimmer
TR603- Seafoam Shimmer
TR604- Blue Shimmer
TR605- Amethyst Shimmer
TR606- Pink Shimmer


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