Alpaca 18

Needlepoint 14 to 18 Count
Cross Stitch 11 Count Aida
100% Fine Alpaca
12 Yards. Natural 
18 Undyed Colors 
Hand Washable

Use this as you would any normal yarn. It is strong and will not fray easily. If desired, you may brush it with a Bunka Brush or toothbrush to fluff it up to maximize the furry effect. (1 strand 13-18 count)    

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New Colors in bold

AL50- Medium Cocoa
AL51- White
AL52- Off White
AL61- Gray
AL62- Dark Gray
AL63- Charcoal Gray
AL64- Black
AL71- Dark Taupe
AL72- Medium Taupe
AL81- Camel
AL83- Brown
AL84- Mink
AL85- Beige
AL86- Tan
AL87- Heather Gray
AL88- Chestnut
AL89- Lambs Wool
AL90- Timber Wolf
AL92- Morocco Sand
AL93- Butterum
AL94- Hazlenut
AL95- Tundra
AL96- Grape Leaves
AL97- Wild Dove
AL98- Tattered Teddy
AL99- Flax
AL100- Oat Straw



AP52- Off White
AP58- Dark Cocoa
AP61- Gray
AP62- Dark Gray
AP64- Black
AP82- Lite Brown
AP83- Brown


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