Arctic Rays

Long Stitch 14 to 18 Count
100% Nylon 
8 Yards
Hand Washable, Test First
Made in Italy  

This yarn can best be described as a wispy fringe which also makes wonderful French Knots. It has pieces of transparent fiber that give a glistening effect. Do not drag this yarn across the canvas. The glistening effect of this yarn is more pronounced with long stitches, as less of the fringe is pulled into the canvas.  

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New Colors In Bold

AR1- Black
AR2- White
AR3- Ecru
AR4- Pink
AR5- Blue
AR6- Royal Purple
AR7- Silver
AR8- Tree Green
AR9- Golden Straw
AR10- Brown
AR12- Red
AR13- Burgundy

AR14- Bright Blue
AR15- yellow
AR16- Brite Gold
AR17- Christmas Green
AR18- Kitty Cat Gray
AR19- Fuchsia
AR20- Brite Purple
AR22- Brite Orange
AR23- Aqua
AR24- Teddy Bear Brown
AR25- Sparkling Grape
AR26- Kiwi


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