Needlepoint 10 to 13 Count
Long Stitch 12 to 13 Count
100% Polyester,
15 Yard Cards
Hand Washable, Test First
Made in Japan

18 Count
Needlepoint 14 to 18 Count
Long Stitch 13 to 18 Count
100% Polyester
25 Colors (20 yards)

Available in two sizes, for 18 and 13 count. Comes in 25 colors. Matte finish which is a nice contrast to shinier threads. Slight twist use, as-is off the card, no need for stranding or laying tool.

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C801- Black
C802- White
C803- Ecru
C804- Magenta
C805- Scarlet
C806- Burgundy
C807- Lemon
C808- Orange
C809- Teal Green
C810- Pansy
C811- Purple
C812- Sky Blue
C813- Electric Blue
C814- Pearl Blue
C815- Navy
C816- Indian Tan
C817- Inca Gold
C818- Autumn Leaf
C819- Brown Stone
C820- Moss
C821- Evergreen
C822- Silver Gray
C823- Gunmetal
C824- Kiwi
C825- Jolly Green
C826- Red
C827- Crystal Blue
C828- Nautical Blue
C829- Neon Orange

C830- Powder Pink
C831- Lavender
C832- Dark Chocolate
C833- Mushroom
C834- Burnt Olive
C835- Pewter
C836- Gunmetal
C837- Sand Dune
C838- Malibu Blue
C839- Blue Grotto
C840-Hot Pink
C841-Green Flash
C842-Brown Sugar
C843- Neon Pink
C844- Bright Neon Orange
C845- Neon Yellow
C846- Neon Green
C847- Classic Blue
C848- Windsor Wine
C849- Ginger Bread
C850- Leprechaun

New Colors
C851- Saffron
C852- Green Glow
C853- Daffodil
C854- Orange Popsicle


  1. Judy Krumholtz

    I like all the metallic colors

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