Coronet Braid

Size 4
13 Colors
10 Yard Cards
Cross Stitch: 11 to 18 ct.

Size 8
12 Colors
10 Yard Cards
Needlepoint: 18-24 ct.

Size 16
6 Colors
7 Yard Cards
Needlepoint: 13-14 ct.

65% Rayon, 35% Metalized Polyester
Hand Washable
Made in England and Japan

This thread is not just a filament that is braided- it is made with the metallic part tightly wrapped around a rayon core, giving its stitched appearance the richness of real metal thread. Great fiber to use for outlining and bends rather well around curved shapes. All sizes are excellent for couching.



Size 4
39B- True Gold
42B- Arctic Gold
43B- Vatican Gold
44B- Silver
45B- Pewter
46B- Red
47B- Green
48B- Copper
49B- Purple
50B- Royal Blue
51B- Black

Size 8
79B- True Gold
81B- Gold
82B- Arctic Gold
86B- Red
87B- Green
89B- Purple
90B- Royal Blue
91B- Black

Size 16
161B- Gold
162B- Arctic Gold
163B- Vatican Gold
164B- Silver
165B- Pewter


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