Crystal Braid

Needlepoint 18 Count
Long Stitch 22 Count
Cross Stitch 11 and 14 Count
55% Nylon, 45% Polyester
15 Yards (9.1 Meters)
Hand Washable, Test First
Made in Japan

Crystal Braid has a unique icy pearl look that shimmers. There are 3 golds and 7 pastel colors. This braid is a number 12, or tapestry weight. This means that there is 12 strands of metallic braided together. It is a very sturdy yarn and will not unravel or fray easily.



CR01- White Pearl
CR02- Baby Blue Pearl
CR03- Lavender Pearl
CR04- Pink Pearl
CR05- Mint Green Pearl
CR06- Lemon Pearl
CR07- Yellow Pearl
CR08- Old Gold Pearl
CR09- Vatican Gold Pearl
CR11- Peach Pearl
CR13- Aqua Pearl
CR14- Silver Pearl
CR15- Blue Pearl
CR16- Northern Lights
CR17- Tiffany Blue
CR18- Brite Red


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