Petite Silk Lame’ Braid

Needlepoint 18 Count
Cross Stitch 14-18 Count
92% Silk, 5% Rayon, 3% Metalized Polyester
20 Yard Cards
Hand Washable, Test First
Made in USA

A finer version then Silk Lame 18 that you use as is off the card. Silk and metallic braided together in a Petite size which is perfect for 18 mesh canvas. Great for open background stitches where you want the painted canvas to show also perfect for intricate shaded canvases. Can also work for lighter coverage for larger mesh canvases. With a wide range of colors Silk Lame Petite makes and excellent thread for beading.


New colors in BOLD

SP01- Black
SP02- Whie
SP03- Ecru
SP04- Antique Rose
SP05- Avocado
SP06- Gold
SP07- Pink
SP08- Red
SP09- Dark Red
SP10- Green
SP11- Yellow
SP12- Purple
SP13- Sky Blue
SP14- Blue
SP15- Dark Blue
SP16- Navy
SP17- Light Surf Blue
SP18- Surf Blue
SP19- Antique Blue
SP20- Dark Antique Blue
SP21- Light Lavender 
SP22- Lavender
SP23- Dark Lavender
SP24- Baby Pink
SP25- Rose Pink
SP26- Raspberry
SP27- Garnet
SP28- Burgundy
SP29- Chiffon
SP30- Orange
SP31- Copper
SP32- Coffee
SP33- Eggshell
SP34- Lemon
SP35- Buttercup
SP36- Chartreuse
SP37- Dark Avocado
SP38- Caribbean
SP39- Lagoon
SP40- Dove Gray
SP41- Pewter
SP42- Mint
SP43- Light Mint
SP44- Light Shell Pink
SP45- Deep Rose
SP46- Lemon Mist
SP47- Lavender Blue
SP48- Silver 
SP49- China Blue
SP50- Fuchsia
SP51- Turquoise
SP52- Pumpkin
SP53- Crimson
SP54- Light Avocado
SP55- Dark Chocolate
SP56- Forest Green
SP57- Christmas Green
SP58- Dark Christmas Green
SP59- Lilac
SP60- Camel
SP61- Sand Gold
SP62- Dark Sand Gold
SP63- Emerald
SP64- Deep Avocado
SP65- Black Sparkle
SP66- Antique Gold
SP67- Antique Silver
SP68- Pale Avocado
SP69- Medium Avocado
SP70- Light Peach
SP71- Peach 
SP72- Light Chartreuse 
SP73- Pale Lavender
SP74- Pale Pink
SP75- Wild Rose
SP76- Peacock Blue
SP77- Royal Blue
SP78- Cherry
SP79- Dark Cherry
SP80- Pink Carnation
SP81- Platinum

SP82- Light China Blue
SP83-  Blue Turquoise 
SP84- Dark Orchid
SP85- Tangerine
SP86- Deep Forest Green
SP87- Bark
SP88- Lemon Light
SP89- Blue Jeans
SP90- Barely Pink
SP91- Dark Raspberry
SP92- Light Lilac
SP93- Dark Periwinkle
SP94- True Gold
SP95- Medium Christmas Green
SP96- Cranberry
SP97- Ruby Red
SP98- Pale Antique Blue
SP99- Classic Blue
SP100- Sand
SP101- Honey Bronze
SP102- Warm Brown
SP103- Olive
SP104- Soft Yellow
SP105- Wine
SP106- Dark Denim 
SP107- Deep Colbalt
SP108- Soft Pink
SP109- Medium Raspberry
SP110- Dark Violet
SP111- Chardonnay
SP112- Spring Green
SP113- Dark Lagoon
SP114- Light Pumpkin
SP115- Red Orange 
SP116- Medium Violet
SP117- Dark Violet
SP118- Sea Spray
SP119- Blue Sapphire
SP120- Light Raspberry
SP121- Medium Raspberry
SP122- Hot Pink
SP123- Dark Hot Pink
SP124- Blue Glow
SP125- Denim
SP126- Canary Yellow
SP127- Golden Yarrow
SP128- Crab Bisque 
SP129- Tabasco
SP130- Moss
SP134- Misty Lilac
SP135- Red Sparkle
SP136- Kelly Green
SP137- Scarlet
SP138- Glacier
SP139- Cardinal
SP140- Jamaican Sea
SP141- Pineapple
SP142- Toasted Almond 
SP143- Cameo Pink
SP144- Christmas Red
SP145- Fools Gold
SP146- Apple Green
SP147- Taupe
SP148- Lemon Lime
SP149- Desert Sand
SP150- Daiquiri Green
SP151- Azure Blue
SP152- Hawaiian Blue
SP153- Classic Blue 2
SP154- Misty Gold
SP155- Harvest Gold
SP156- Kiwi
SP157- Tangelo
SP158- Capri
SP159- Imperial Blue
SP160- Dark Mint
SP161- Juniper
SP162- Hazel
SP163- Medium Rose
SP164- Wisteria
SP165- Dark Wisteria

SP166- Light Fuchsia 
SP167- Pink Lady
SP168- Seafoam
SP169- Blue Bell
SP170- Blue Fog
SP171- Mellow Yellow
SP172- Lime Cream
SP173- Pansy
SP174- Periwinkle
SP175- Honey Gold
SP176- Coral
SP177- Orange Pop
SP178- Persimmon 
SP179- Cotton Candy
SP180- Lilac Chiffon
SP181- Hydrangea
SP182- Chateau Rose
SP183- Gray Stone
SP184- Pavement
SP185- Tango Red
SP186- Fiery Red
SP187- Mood Indigo
SP188- Vanilla
SP189- Banana Crepe
SP190- Purple Orchid
SP191- Goldenrod
SP192- Bluebord
SP193- Creme Brulee
SP194- Greenbriar
SP195- Marine Blue
SP196- Orchid Mist
SP197- Star Sapphire
SP198- Wasabi
SP199- Picante
SP200- Burnt Brick
SP201- Gunmetal
SP202- Wild Plum
SP203- Magenta Purple
SP204- Green Olive
SP205- Gargoyle
SP206- Nostalgia Rose
SP207- Prairie Dust
SP208- Antique Bronze
SP209- Ginger Bread
SP210- Cappuccino
SL211- Glacier Gray
SL212- Castlerock
SL213- Dusty Turquoise
SL214- Lake Blue
SL215- Soft Amethyst
SL216- Touch of Tan
SL217- Burnt Coral
SL218- Corvette Red
SL219- Sunset Gold
Sl220- Lemon Grass
SP221- Capri Breeze
SP222- Brilliant Blue
SP223- Crystal Blue
SP224- Shining Armor
SP225- Forever BLue
SP226- Starry Night
SP227- Aruba Blue 
SP228- Passion Flower
SP229- Plus Purple
SP230- Bronze
SP231- Blue Jewell
SP232- Mau i Blue
SP233- Festival Fuchsia
SP234- Striking Purple
SP235- Flame Scarlet
SP236- True Red
SP237- Aqua Bay
SP238- Teal Zeal
SP239- Stony Fields
SP240- Seal Skin
SP241- Scuba Blue
SP242- Peacock Green
SP243- Suddenly Sapphire

SP300- White Glow in Dark


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