Rainbow Persian

Needlepoint 10-18 Count
Long Stitch 10 to 22 Count
Cross Stitch 11-14 Count
100% Wool
20 Yards (18.3 Meters)
Made in New Zealand

Single strand wrapped on the card, 1 strand for 18 mesh 2 strands for 13 and 3 strands for 10 mesh. No fussing with different size strands and messy skeins. 

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New Colors In Bold

RP04-Begonia Pink
RP05-Very Berry
RP06-Purple Heart
RP08-Orange Peel
RPO9-Classic Green
RP1O-Heritage Blue
RP1 1-Bonnie Blue
RP12-Floyal Blue
RP13-Nautical Blue
RP’|4-Fiery Red
RP16-Rio Red
RP17-Seafoam Green
RP18-Nile Green
RP19-Turf Green
RP20-Fairway Green
RP21-Lamb’s Wool
RP23-Old Gold
RP24-Oak Bluff
RP27-Cocoa Brown
RP28-Coffee Bean
RP29-Taos Taupe
RP3O-Wind Chime
RP31-Steel Gray

RP33- Carbon
RP34- Blue Heaven
RP35- Forever Blue
RP36- Lily Pad
RP37- Foliage Green
RP38- Porcelain Rose
RP39- Lavender Fields
RP40- Angel Blue
RP41- Capri Breeze
RP42- Saffron
RP43- Pink Lady
RP44- Very Berry
RP45- Blue Bell
RP46- Country Blue
RP47- Paprika
RP48- Wild Lime
RP49- Greenery
RP50- English Ivy
RP51- Daffodil
RP52- Sunflower
RP53- Skipper Blue
RP54- Peach Pearl
RP55- Coral
RP56- Apricot Blush
RP57- Golden Haze
RP58- Latte
RP59- Golden Brown
RP60- Green Pastures
RP61- Deep Periwinkle
RP62- Sunset Gold
RP63- Beet Red
RP64- Ice Green

RP65- Aqua Green
RP66- Mint Leaf
RP67- Chili Pepper
RP68- Baby Blue 
RP69- English Manor
RP70- Smoke Green
RP71- Peach Sunrise
RP72- Salmon
RP73- Crab Apple
RP74- Autumn Leaf
RP75- Mahogany
RP76- Persian Violet
RP77- Frosted Grape
RP78- Winter White
RP79- Marina
RP80- Almost Apricot
RP81- Iris
RP82- Amethyst
RP83- Silver Cloud
RP84- Daring Indigo
RP85- Maple Syrup
RP86- Antique White
RP87- Mr. Blue Sky
RP88- Dress Blues
RP89- Flowering Cactus
RP90- Warm Taupe
RP91- Golden Nugget
RP92- Amaretto
RP93- Blueberry
RP94- Volcanic Ash
RP95- Classic Brown