Razzle Dazzle


Needlepoint 14 to 18 Count
Cross Stitch 11 Count Aida
70% Nylon, 30% Metalized Polyester
10 Yard Cards
30 Colors
Made in USA

A highly textured Z twist metallic that works best on 10-13 count canvas.  Because of its nubby texture its best to use a larger then normal tapestry needle, also works best for longer type stitches.  For finer mesh it needs to be couched.


D302- White Gold
D303- Pale Gold
D304- Silver
D305- Bronze
D306- Copper
D308- Black
D309- Turquoise
D310- Green
D311- Forest Green
D312- Blue
D313- Royal Blue
D314- Sky Blue
D315- Dark Peacock
D316- Rose
D317- Red 

D318- Pale Fuchsia
D319- Fuchsia
D320- Deep Fuchsia
D321- Pale Red Violet
D322- Red Violet
D323- Dark Red Violet
D324- Lavender
D325- Lavender Stripe
D326- Purple
D327- Yellow Multi
D328- Pink/Blue/Gold
D329- Black Multi 
D330- Blue Multi 
D331- Old Glory
D332- Christmas Colors


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