Treasure Ribbon

Needlepoint: 10 to 14 Count
Cross Stitch: 7 to 11 Count
65% Rayon, 35% Metalized Polyester
6 Yard Cards
19 Colors
Hand Washable
Made in USA

Treasure Ribbon Petite

Needlepoint: 16 to 18 Count
Cross Stitch: 11 to 14 Count
65% Rayon, 35% Metalized Polyester
6 Yard Cards
16 Colors
Hand Washable
Made in USA

This is a bright soft metallic ribbon suitable for 14-10 count canvas. It’s softness makes it wonderful to stitch with but a laying tool is recommended. This metallic ribbon enhances many different type of decorative stitches including French Knots. Another plus is that its colors match our Treasure Braid line.



XR01- Bright Gold
XR02- Arctic Gold
XR03- Gold
XR04- Silver
XR05- Black
XR06- Green
XR07- Red
XR08- Royal Blue
XR09- Sky Blue
XR10- White
XR11- Purple
XR19- Dark Red
XR24- Rose
XR25- Old Gold
XR29- Burgundy
XR30- Black Gold
XR39- New Copper
XR42- Autumn Orange
XR88- Chartreuse


PR01- Brite Gold

PR04- Silver

PR06- Green

PR09- Sky Blue

PR19- Dark Red

PR25- Old Gold

PR29- Burgundy

PR30- Black Gold

PR39- New Copper

PR42- Autumn Orange

PR47- Awesome Gold

PR48- Orange

PR49- Pumpkin

PR87- Limeade

PR88- Chartreuse

PR89- Tropical Sunset


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