Over 2 on 25 to 32 Count
Over 1 on 11 to 18 Count
100% Silk
20 Yards (18.2 Meters)
Normally Hand Washable, Test First
Made in Switzerland

Elegance is a tightly twisted silk pearl #8 that is dye matched to many of the colors of Splendor and the colors of Grandeur and Subtlety. It is very strong, wear resistant, and is perfect for pulled work and hardanger. There is a nice shine to Elegance that is perfect for areas where you want a rich shine. Do not use long strands as the shine does eventually wear off as the thread goes through the canvas.

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E800- Cool White
E801- Black
E802- White
E804- Champagne
E805- Pale Pink
E808- Medium Purple
E811- Lavender
E812- Dark Lavender
E813- Rose Pink
E814- Rose
E815- Flesh
E816- Pink
E818- Peach
E820- Ruby Red
E821- Medium Red
E822- Dark Red
E824- Antique Mauve
E827- Dark Burgundy
E831- Forest Green
E832- Dark Green
E840- Camel
E853- Dark Brown
E855- Blue Blush
E858- Medium Navy
E860- Lite Sky Blue
E862- Dark Wedgewood
E864- Dark Periwinkle
E877- Gold
E880- Teal
E884- Baby Pink
E888- Charcoal Gray

E891- Smoke Gray
E892- Lite Taupe
E899- Dark Ecru
E900- Pale Beige
E901- Pale Golden Brown
E904- Dark Golden Brown
E905- Lite Pistachio Green
E907- Dark Pistachio Green
E913- Shell Pink
E915- Antique Blue
E916- Dark Antique Blue
E922- Electric Blue
E923- Medium Dark Flesh
E930- Lite Pearl Gray
E932- Lite Blue Violet
E935- Lite Amethyst
E936- Medium Amethyst
E953- Medium Antique Mauve
E960- Lite Raspberry
E983- Pale Olive
E1005- Cranberry
E1044- Deep Aqua
E1105- Neon Green
E1119- Lightest Electric Blue
E1134- Dark Orchid
E1138- Brite Orange Red

New Colors
E844- Dark Fawn
E858- Medium Navy
E983- Pale Olive


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