Needlepoint 13-18 Count
Cross Stitch 7 to 11 Count
Hardanger 20-22 Count
100% Silk
10 Yards (9.1 Meters)
Normally Hand Washable, Test First
Made in Switzerland

This is a twisted silk pearl #5.Grandeur is dye matched to many of the Splendor colors. It also matches several colors of the thinner weight Elegance and the #12 pearl silk, Subtlety.

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G800- Cool White
G801- Black
G802- White
G804- Champagne
G807- Lite
G808- Medium Purple
G809- Dark Purple
G812- Dark Lavender
G813- Rose Pink
G814- Rose
G815- Flesh
G816- Pink
G817- Pumpkin
G818- Peach
G819- Coral
G820- Ruby Red
G821- Medium Red
G823- Lite Antique Mauve
G824- Antique Mauve
G826- Burgundy
G829- Christmas Green
G830- Lite Sea Green
G831- Forest Green
G832- Dark Green
G837- Sea Green
G838- Dark Sea Green
G840- Camel
G841- Butterscotch
G844- Dark Fawn
G845- Dark Dusty Rose
G851- Brown
G853- Dark Brown
G855- Blue Blush
G857- Navy Blue
G859- Indigo Blue
G864- Dark Periwinkle
G867- Baby Blue
G877- Gold
G878- Maize
G879- Pale Yellow
G880- Teal

G883- Very Pale Pink
G886- Deep Rose Pink
G887- Rust
G888-Charcoal Gray
G889- Dark Gray
G892- Lite Taupe
G894- Medium Flesh
G899- Dark Ecru
G904-Dark Golden Brown
G905- Lite Pistachio Green
G906- Medium Pistachio Green
G907- Dark Pistachio Green
G908- Medium Yellow
G909- Goldenrod
G911- Christmas Red
G913- Shell Pink
G916- Dark Antique Blue
G922-Electric Blue
G924- Peach Flesh
G930- Lite Pearl Gray
G932- Lite Blue Violet
G933- Golden Yellow
G935- Lite Amethyst
G936- Medium Amethyst
G941- Medium Sea Green
G953- Medium Antique Mauve
G960-Lite Raspberry
G961- Cream
G966- Deep Wedgwood
G1044-Deep Aqua
G1105-Neon Green
G1016- Medium Christmas Green
G1119-Lighest Electric Blue
G1134-Dark Orchid
G1138-Bright Orange Red

New Colors
G844- Dark Fawn
G858- Medium Navy
G983- Pale Olive


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