Gold Rush

Size 14
67 Colors
Needlepoint: 13-16 ct.
Cross Stitch: 11 ct.

Size 14 Variegated
26 Colors
Needlepoint: 13-16 ct.
Cross Stitch: 11 ct.

Size 18
30 Colors
Needlepoint: 18-22 ct.

Cross Stitch: 14 ct.

80% Viscose, 20% Metalized Polyester
10 Yard Cards, 1100 Yard Cones, 110 Yard Mini-Cones
Washable soft metallic yarn
Made in England



X2- Gold
X3- Red
X4- Green
X5- Silver
X6- Royal Blue
X8- Pink
X12- Peacock Blue
X13- Fuchsia
X14- Light Blue
X15- Purple
X16- Copper
X17- Forest Green
X18- Midnight Blue

Size 14
WG1C- Brass Gold
WG2C- Gold
WG3C- Gold ‘N Silver
WG4C- Arctic Gold
WG5C- Silver
WG6C- Spanish Silver
WG9C- Bronze
WG23C- Copper
WG25C- Pale Gold
WG27C- Vatican Gold
WG31C- Black
WG32C- Dark Brown
WG33C- Olive
WG34C- Green
WG35C- White Gold
WG36C- Jet Blue
WG37C- Turquoise
WG38C- Red
WG39C- Orange Gold
WG40C- Fuchsia
WG41C- Pink
WG42C- Pale Blue
WG43C- Purple
WG44C- Forest Green
WG45C- Emerald
WG46C- Cherry
WG51C- Jade Sparkle
WG53C- Violet Blush
WG54C- Pale Rose
WG55C- Old Rose
WG60C- Baby Blue

WG61C- Cornflower Blue

WG62C- Blue

WG63C- Dark Blue

WG64C- Midnight Blue

WG70C- Pale Lilac

WG71C- Pale Mauve

WG72C- Mauve

WG73C- Dark Mauve

WG80C- Black Silver

WG81C- Burgundy

WG82C- Dark Forest Green

WG83C- Black Gold

WG84C- Deep Blue

WG85C- Deep Purple

WG86C- Lilac

WG87C- Aquamarine

WG88C- Peach

WG89C- Light Blue

WG92C- Antique Gold

WG93C- Dark Silver

WG94C- Gunmetal

WG96C- Aqua Ice

WG97C- Mayan Gold

WG98C- Peacock Blue

WG137C- Aqua

J31C- Obsidian

J34C- Grass

J38C- Chinese Red

J41C- Rose

J43C- Violet

Size 14 Variegated
203C- Aqua Multi
205C- Pink/Blue/Gold
208C- Jade Multi
209C- Brown Mix
210C- White Pearl
211C- Gold Shimmer
213C- Orange Shimmer
215C- Yellow Shimmer
216C- Lavender Mix
229C- Gray Multi
231C- Black Mix
234C- Green Mix
236C- Dark Blue Mix
237C- Night Sky Blue
238C- Red Mix
241C- Pink Mix
242C- Pale Blue Mix
246C- Forest Green Multi
248C- Burgundy Multi
249C- Copper Multi
250C- Dark Red Mix
251C- Blue Shimmer
286C- Violet Multi
287C- Champagne Shimmer
288C- Orange Sherbet

Size 18
GD2C- Gold
GD5C- Silver
GD9C- Copper
GD10C- White Pearl
GD26C- Royal Blue
GD31C- Black
GD32C- Olive
GD33C- Emerald
GD35C- White Gold
GD38C- Red
GD40C- Mauve
GD41C- Pink
GD42C- Pale Blue
GD43C- Purple
GD44C- Medium Forest Green
GD45C- Deep Red
GD64C- Midnight Blue
GD102C- Black Gold
GD105C- Black Silver
GD109C- Bronze
GD110C- Peacock
GD126C- Pewter
GD134C- Deep Emerald
GD136C- Navy Blue
GD137C- Aqua
GD141C- Lilac
GD142C- Blue Shimmer
GD144C- Forest Green
GD145C- Fuchsia
GD146C- Dark Forest Green 


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