Rainbow Linen

Needlepoint 18-24 Count
Cross Stitch 14 Count Aida
100% Linen (Size 16/2)
20 Yard Cards (18.3 Meters)
Hand Washable, Test First
Made in Sweden

 Excellent for pulled and drawn thread work. Use on canvas and evenweave fabrics. Used as is off the card.


New Colors In Bold
R401- Black
R402- White
R403- Ecru
R405- Pale Taupe
R416- Peach
R423- Dark Rose
R446- French Blue
R447- Baby Blue
R453- Dark Periwinkle
R454- Wedgwood Blue
R457- Brown
R459- Yellow
R461- Caramel
R466- Warm Brown
R468- Golden Rod
R472- Taupe
R474- Dark Coral
R477- Light Avocado
R479- Leaf Green
R480- Ginger Bread
R481- Autumn Leaf
R482- Alfalfa
R483- Warm Sand
R484- Slate Gray
R486- Honey Mustard
R487- Sedona Sage
R488- Moss


R489- Winter Moss
R490- Burnt Henna
R491- French Roast
R492- Greenery
R493- Gray Marble
R494- Winter Wheat
R495- Bright Chartreuse
R496- Meadow Green
R497- English Rose
R498- Purple Orchid
R499- Lunar Rock
R500- Gargoyle
R501- Nautical Blue
R502- Lemon Drop
R503- Pumpkin
R504- Harvest Pumpkin
R505- Persian Red
R506- Red Plum
R507- Grape Juice
R508- Blue Oasis
R509- Blarney Stone
R510- Flamingo
R511- Cameo Pink
R512- Dark Apricot
R513- Barely Blue
R514- Dusty Mauve
R515- Pink Lady



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