Neon Rays

Needlepoint 13-18 Count
Long Stitch 18 to 22 Count
Cross Stitch 11-22 Count
100% Rayon
10 Yards (9.1 Meters)
Normally Hand Washable, Test First
Made in Germany & Japan

Flat ribbon that is used as is. Has a high shine and is great for many types of decorative stitches.

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N01- Black
N02- White
N03- Pale Beige
N04- Mauve
N05- Dark Mauve
N06- Wine
N07- Lavender
N08- Amethyst
N09- Purple
N10- Creme
N11- Pale Pink
N12- Pink
N14- Hot Pink
N15- Rose Pink
N16- Pale Peach
N17- Peach
N18- Dark Peach
N19- Watermelon
N20- Red
N21- Cherry
N22- Crimson
N25- Brick Red
N26- Burgundy
N29- Rust
N30- Dark Forest Green
N31- Forest Green
N32- Spruce Green
N33- Loden Green
N34- Dark Green
N35- Pale Green
N36- Jade Green
N37- Celery
N38- Emerald
N40- Beige
N41- Champagne
N42- Taupe
N43- Khaki
N44- Light Smoke Brown
N46- Umber
N47- Honey Gold
N49- Butternut
N50- Chocolate
N51- Brown
N52- Bark
N53- Dark Brown

N54- Pale Blue
N55- True Blue
N56- Lite Blue
N59- Royal Blue
N60- Navy Blue
N61- Midnight Blue
N62- Sky Blue
N63- Lite Aqua
N64- Aqua
N66- Wedgwood
N67- Dark Teal
N68- Periwinkle
N69- Denim
N72- Pale Yellow
N73- Spring Green
N74- Golden Yellow
N76- Bright Yellow
N79- Bright Gold
N80- Gold
N81- Nutmeg
N82- Cinnamon
N83- Tangerine
N84- Olive
N85- Sage Green
N86- Avocado
N87- Willow
N89- Deep Olive
N91- Silver
N92- Clay
N93- Gunmetal Gray
N94- Gray
N95- Dark Gray
N96- Dark Granite
N97- Granite
N98- Lite Lavender
N99- Deep Violet
N100- Brassy Gold
N101- Rose
N102- Antique White
N103- Indigo Blue
N104- Lite Taupe
N105- Christmas Green
N106- Federal Blue
N107- Yellow Gold
N108- Yellow Orange

N109- Pewter
N110- Dark Pewter
N111- Lite Antique Rose
N112- Antique Rose
N113- Dark Antique Rose
N114- Lite Sea Foam
N115- Sea Foam
N116- Dark Sea Foam
N117- Medium Peach
N118- Christmas Red
N119- Candy Apple
N120- Merlot
N121- Lt Federal Blue
N122- Aquamarine
N123- Baby Blue
N124- Deft Blue
N125- Dark Deft Blue
N126- Lilac
N127- Violet
N128- Orange
N129- Light Christ Green
N130- Dark Christ Green
N131- Pale Iris
N132- Lite Irs
N133- Iris
N134- Old Gold
N135- Chartreuse
N136- Dark Rose Pink
N137- Limeade
N138- Lime
N139- Cornflower Blue
N140- Sun Gold
N141- Lime Sherbet
N142- Elephant Gray
N143- Orchid
N144- Pansy
N145- Lite French Blue
N146- French Blue
N147- Persimmon
N148- Silver Lining
N149- Golden Glow


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