Splendor Silk Ribbon

27 Solid Colors
22 Multi Colors

17 Solid Colors

Hand dyed Japanese Silk for surface embroidery and painted canvas embellishment. Dyed to match Splendor, Elegance, Grandeur & Subtlety.


R800- Cool White
R808- Medium Purple
R809- Dark Purple
R813- Rose Pink
R815- Flesh
R820- Ruby Red
R821- Medium Red
R826- Burgundy
R835- Jade
R859- Indigo Blue
R886- Deep Rose Pink
R895- Dark Flesh
R905- Lite Pistachio Green
R907- Dark Pistachio Green
R933- Golden Yellow
R958- Pistachio 
R968- Pale Cornflower
R969- Lite Cornflower
R981- Salmon
R988- Pale Jade
R989- Medium Jade
R992- Pale Sea Green

Multi Colors
RS802- Whites
RS808- Purples
RS821- Reds
RS824- Antique Mauves
RS829- Christmas Greens
RS837- Sea Greens
RS877- Golds
RS879- Pale Yellows
RS882- Periwinkles
RS885- Rose Pinks
RS895- Flesh Tones
RS902- Golden Browns 
RS906- Pistachio Greens
RS910- Oranges
RS915- Antique Blues
RS918- Antique Violets
RS944- Orange Sherbets 
RS960- Raspberries
RS969- Cornflower Blues
RS1005- Cranberries
RS1035- Medium Plums
RM02- Blue and Greens


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