Fyre Werks

Needlepoint 13-18 Count
Long Stitch 18-22 Count
Cross Stitch 11 and 22 Count
60% Metalized Nylon, 40% Nylon
10 Yards (9.1 Meters)
Hand Washable, Test First
Made in Japan

Fyre Werks is a very high luster 1/16th” beautiful shiny metallic ribbon that will add glitter and glitz to your work. Do not use overly long pieces and be careful to lay. SOFT SHEEN: Fyre Werks with less of a shine, more of a glint of metallic, rather than a very bright shine. It is stitched the same way as the regular Fyre Werks.



Fyre Werks

Soft Sheen

F1- Dark Gold
F2- Gold
F3- Vatican Gold
F4- Gold Shimmer
F5- Silver
F6- Silver Shimmer
F8- New Copper
F9- Copper
F12- Dark Multi
F31- Black
F34- Green
F36- New Royal Blue
F38- New Red
F43- Purple
F45- White Pearl

Pearl Colors

FT80- Pink Pearl
FT81- Lilac Pearl
FT82- Peach Pearl
FT83- Mint Pearl
FT84- Yellow Pearl
FT85- Cashmere Rose

Florescent Colors

FT86- Sharp Green
FT87- Vibrant Orange
FT88- Super Pink

FT1- Mocha
FT2- Chocolate
FT3- Pumpkin
FT4- Loden Green
FT5- Navy Blue
FT6- Brite Christmas Red
FT7- Lavender
FT8- Dark Violet
FT9- Rose
FT10- White Pearl
FT11- Black
FT12- Pewter
FT13- Charcoal
FT14- Vatican Gold
FT15- Old Gold
FT16- Gunmetal
FT17- Delft Blue
FT18- Yellow Gold
FT19- Aqua
FT20- Raspberry
FT21- Lite Copper
FT22- Emerald Green
FT23- Lite Purple
FT24- Purple
FT25 Lite Multi
FT26- Bronze
FT27- Tree Green
FT28- Royal Blue
FT29- Pink
FT30- Red
FT31- Dark Purple
FT32- Dark Teal
FT33- Moonglow
FT34- Red Orange
FT35- Smoke Gray
FT36- French Blue
FT37- Rain Gray
FT38- Dark Red
FT39- Lite Blue

FT40- Dark Periwinkle
FT41- Pistachio
FT42- Plum
FT43- Lite Aqua
FT44- New Copper
FT45- Lite Avocado
FT46- Avocado
FT47- Peony
FT48- Silver Frost
FT49- Platinum
FT50- Old Brass
FT51- Copper
FT52- Lite Tree Green
FT53- Espresso
FT54- Ocean Blue
FT55- Midnight Blue
FT56- Vintage Gold
FT57- Merlot
FT58- Gold
FT59- Tawny Gold
FT60- Melon
FT61- Wisteria
FT62- Granite
FT63- Vintage Silver
FT64- Dark Aqua
FT65- Sea Spray
FT66- Orchid
FT67- Inca Gold
FT68- Daiquiri Green
FT69- Burnt
FT70- Chartreuse
FT71- Purple Rain
FT72- Azure
FT73- Christmas Red
FT74- Jade
FT75- Coral
FT76- Lilac
FT78- Purple Haze
FT79- Champagne


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